Natural Family Planning

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family!”  Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

Natural Family Planning is a cooperative method of achieving or avoiding pregnancy through the observation and use of normally occurring signs in a woman’s cycle. Unlike artificial methods, both partners share the responsibility of conception. Drugs, devices and surgery are not used. Such planning fosters respect and acceptance of the total person by teaching couples the nature of fertility. NFP of Rhode Island is a non-sectarian, educational program which offers information and referrals to a variety of certified NPF instructors in Rhode Island.

Couples are drawn to NFP because it is medically safe and effective. Those who are ecologically aware see NFP as a logical extension of their concern about their psychological and physical environment. NFP is morally acceptable to people of any religion. Marriages are enriched through a mutual understanding of the shared responsibility for family planning creating a deeper appreciation for the value of life.

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Helpful Resources

 Contact Information for NFP in Rhode Island

Creighton Model
Fertility Care Center
Monica Bergeron, 401.383.6246

Sympto-Thermal Method
Couple to Couple League
Darren & Robin Blier, 401.596.9582
Peter & Lora Brodeur, 401.596.3443

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